Custom Convertible Tesla Model S Spotted in Boston…Wait, What?



Photo: u/UrLilBrudder on Reddit

A completely convertible Tesla Model S was spotted earlier this week in Boston, according to a photo posted on the Tesla Motors subreddit. The convertible electric sedan also features the same center bar included on the normal Model S units, despite being pictured with its top-down, making it appear like a roll bar more than anything.

Another user on the thread reported seeing a convertible Tesla Model 3 in Oregon last week:

Photo: u/billbucket on Reddit

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Tesla owners completely customize their cars. We’ve also seen the Model 3 pickup as well.

Though one user questioned the effectiveness of the convertible Tesla’s ability to prevent battery drain, another responded explaining that a soft-top actually convertible featured similar insulation levels to a hard-top car.

In a comment, the u/quaintlogic wrote, “A proper soft top convertible won’t be much different from a solid roof, OEM implementations typically are pretty well insulated (they are even super quiet).”

Tesla also announced plans for a Model S Plaid delivery event on June 3, according to CEO Elon Musk.

Last week, a drone captured a huge batch of Tesla Model S units at the company’s Fremont production facility, likely set to head out in the weeks to come – despite potentially causing major logistical issues as a result of supply chain difficulties.


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