Tesla Increases Price of Model 3/Y Again; Q2 Cars Reportedly Sold Out Already



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Tesla has again increased the price of its Model 3 and Model Y vehicles in the United States. Check out the changes below…

Model 3

  • Standard Range Plus: $39,490 USD (+$500; was $38,990)
  • Long Range: $48,490 USD (+$500; was $47,990)
  • Performance: $56,990 USD – no change

Model Y

  • Long Range: $51,490 (+$500; was $50,990)
  • Performance: $60,990 USD – no change

Tesla increased these same prices above by $500 USD just two weeks ago.

Back on April 8, we saw prices jump by up to $1,000 on these vehicles.

On March 24, the price of the Model 3 also increased by $500. On March 10, we saw a price increase for the Model Y by $1,000 and Model 3 by $500.

Seems like price increases are happening every two weeks on Thursdays.

Q2 Production Already Sold Out, Report Says

Earlier on Thursday, Electrek reported sources citing Tesla’s second-quarter is already sold out, despite nearly two months left still in the quarter. This information was corroborated by @SawyerMerritt:

New Model S, Model X Estimated Delivery Times Pushed Back

As for Tesla’s new Model S and X refresh, new order delivery times have been pushed back to the fall, and to next year for the Model X (via @SawyerMerritt):

  • Long Range S: September – October
  • Plaid S: August – September
  • Plaid+ S remains Mid-2022
  • Long Range X: January – February 2022
  • Plaid X: January – February 2022

There appears to be no demand letting up for Tesla as of late. During Q1, Tesla said its Model 3 sedan was the world’s top-selling premium sedan, and noted its Model Y could also become the world’s top-selling car, period.

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