New Starlink Internet Users in Australia Show Off 300+ Mbps Download Speeds

Starlink’s satellite internet beta went live in Australia earlier this month, and users are reporting their first connectivity speeds since the SpaceX company began testing within the country.

On Tuesday, u/goldmikeygold shared an internet speed test using Starlink from Canberra, Australia. The test, which was shared on Reddit, displays 310 Mbps of download speed via, a pretty incredible speed for anyone currently dealing with remote or rural connectivity – some of which rarely see speeds even as fast as 20 Mbps.

Others on Twitter also shared their Starlink experiences in Canberra, with @NeilBoltonRSPL showing a download speed from of 210 Mbps:

According to initial download speeds shared on this unofficial Starlink download speed status tracker, others are seeing a 199 Mbps download speed in Australia.

Many users on the thread were quick to point out that Starlink’s speeds vary quite a bit, especially for the time being while the service is in beta and SpaceX continues to complete its Starlink constellation.

One user reported that their speeds were consistently landing around 310 Mbps upon first setting up Starlink, but that their speeds have since gone down to averages between 30 and 90 Mbps.

The low-Earth orbit (LEO) satellite internet company plans to have its constellation covering most of the world by the end of 2021, covering the entire world in the satellites by the end of 2022.

SpaceX’s Starlink internet has slowly been making its way around the world, with Australia being the company’s most recent expansion, and Portugal expected to gain the service as soon as June 2021.