Tesla Model S Refresh Delivery Dates Delayed to July, Say Owners

Tesla has been known to delay its plans from time to time, but a recent delivery delay of the company’s newly-refreshed Model S has Tesla fans wondering what could have caused such a major delay.

In a post on Reddit’s Tesla Motors subreddit, one user shared that their original Tesla Model S order, placed February 5th, 2021 in California, has updated the estimated delivery from previously saying March to now say the vehicle will be delivered in July.

The post, as shared by Reddit user u/knights_of_jim, shows a message on the user’s account depicting the update.

One user on the thread commented that the fact of so many orders being pushed back to the middle of the year may “indicate some real issues.” The user went on to say that, despite all the testing and work Tesla has already been putting into its Model S, “something in this new recipe isn’t working,” and that “radio silence from [CEO Elon] Musk is deafening, as is the lack of any kind of update.”

Similarly, Tesla’s Model S Plaid variant has now been delayed until mid-2022, further signifying the potential for a major in-house issue.

While it’s unclear what has caused the delay, major semiconductor chip shortages hit most automakers throughout the world earlier this year, even eliciting a call for increased US EV part manufacturing from Ford CEO Jim Farley.