Watch Tesla FSD Beta 8.2 Navigate Around Pittsburg, California [VIDEO]



In a video uploaded by YouTube channel AI DRIVR on Monday, the host navigates around Pittsburg, California using Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta to get around.

While the FSD system is still in a limited beta format, a number of Tesla owners have begun doing their own tests of the system, many of which were able to perform long trips without interventions.

Many commenters also mentioned AI DRIVR’s unique blown up overlay of the FSD on the bottom half of the video, which gives the viewer a very clear look at the advanced driver assistance system’s (ADAS’s) processing of what’s happening on the street in front of the car. It’s just darn cool.

The video features a number of exciting FSD interactions, including a few unprotected and contested left turns, which the system handles impressively well.

Ford Public Relations Manager Mike Levine recently bashed Tesla’s FSD, calling it “vaporware,” despite the company’s lack of its own publicly available autonomous driving system. In any case, it’s hard to refute Tesla’s FSD is impressive, especially when watching a video such as this, where it performs as smoothly (if not more smoothly) as the average human driver.

Still, Tesla’s FSD is only meant for use with an attentive driver that is ready to engage the steering wheel in case of emergency.

Watch AI DRIVR’s full FSD video driving around Pittsburg, California below.

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