Sprinting Woman Saves ‘Runaway Tesla,’ Actually in Summon Mode [VIDEO]



Tesla’s electric vehicles (EVs) have begun to develop a mind of their own through Autopilot and Full Self-Driving (FSD). The only problem is that humanity is still catching up to the idea, quite literally.

In a video uploaded Sunday to YouTube channel Thyhack, we see a very well-meaning citizen sprinting after someone’s Tesla, apparently thinking it was on a joyride of some sort. While we can only really see her take off running in the video, Thyhack wrote that she “started pressing on the [EV’s] front left pillar to stop it.”

In reality, the West Chester, Pennsylvania Tesla owner was using the EV’s Smart Summon feature (part of the Full Self-Driving add-on for $10,000 USD), and subsequently, the woman was embarrassed to find out that the car wasn’t a runaway, according to the video’s description. Still, the moment instills a little more faith in humanity, as the woman was obviously going way out of her way to save someone’s car.

The video was captured by the Tesla’s passenger side camera, and while Thyhack was able to stop the car upon realizing what was going on, we hope that there was no serious damage done to the vehicle – even in the name of property rights.

You can see the full video below, on Thyhack’s YouTube channel.


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