Tesla Model 3 Long Range Gets $1,000 USD Price Drop

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Tesla keeps changing up its prices, so let’s try to keep up here. The company has now also reduced the price of the Model 3 Long Range by $1,000 USD. Here’s where we stand now:

  • Standard Range Plus: $36,990 USD
  • Long Range AWD: $45,990 USD (was $46,990 USD)
  • Performance AWD: $55,990 USD

Last week, Tesla dropped the price of the Model 3 Standard Range by $1,000 USD in the United States. Now, the Long Range Model 3 also sees a $1,000 USD price drop.

Tesla last week also dropped the price of the Model Y Standard Range by $2,000 USD. Then, last night, Tesla axed the Standard Range from its website, in an odd move.

Nevertheless, it appears prices are falling ahead of what many believe will be a new federal  EV tax credits in the U.S., up to $7,000 USD from President Biden’s administration.