Tesla Lowers Price of Entry Model 3 and Model Y By Up to $2,000

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Tesla has lowered the price of its Model 3 and Model Y on Wednesday evening by up to $2,000 USD in the United States.

Model Y Price Drop

The entry Model Y Standard Range is now starting from $39,990 USD, instead of $41,990 USD, a $2,000 USD price drop.

The Model Y Performance also gets a price increase, however, up $1,000 USD to now start at $60,990 USD instead of $59,990 USD.

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Model 3 Price Drop

As for the entry Model 3 Standard Range Plus, it now starts at $36,990 USD in the United States, a $1,000 USD price drop. If you’re in California, the Clean Fuel Rebate takes $1,500 off, meaning you can buy a Model 3 for $35,490 USD.

These price drops will definitely help Tesla increase sales for 2021. These Model 3 and Model Y price drops are not showing in other markets such as Canada.

If President Biden’s GREEN Act passes, we could see $7,000 USD in federal tax rebates, taking the entry Model 3 below $30,000 USD. But it’s unclear if and when the bill will pass. If it does, it will still take some time for it bring forth changes. It appears Tesla wants people to bite now on these entry models, instead of waiting for the federal EV tax rebate.

Nearly two years ago when Tesla first unveiled the Model Y, it said the Standard Range would cost $39,000 USD. As of writing, the current $39,990 USD price is just $990 away from that reality.

Also, if you are about to take delivery of a new Model Y or Model 3 Standard Range, talk to your service advisor about matching these price drops. They should be able to do it for you so you can save some money.

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