Tesla Model Y RWD Starts Hitting Existing Inventory



Photo: Reddit user u/aestheticsjess

When considering buying a Tesla, many don’t realize that you can also purchase them lightly used or in older models directly from Tesla’s website.

On Thursday morning, one user reported that a small batch of rear-wheel drive 2021 Standard Range Model Ys had been posted to the existing inventory page on Tesla’s website (via Reddit). The news, as shared on the Tesla Motors subreddit by user u/aestheticsjess, showed Model Ys only listed for $41,990 (USD) despite being new, refreshed 2021 Model Ys.

Tesla launched sales of its Standard Range Model Y during the first week of January.

It isn’t exactly clear why the Model Y was listed so soon, though users speculated that the listed models were either rejects or that prior customers with deliveries weren’t able to receive them as quickly as originally ordered. Another user theorized that the additions were simply due to a Q1 slowdown, typical of Tesla’s first quarter in past years.

Tesla also recently began sharing on its order configurator page that it would begin Model Y production in Germany in mid-2021.

In any case, it’s safe to say that the world is eager to get its hands on the Model Y. With the newly-refreshed model becoming available around the world in various capacities, consumers may just have a few chances to catch them at lower prices.


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