Tesla Wall Connector Now Lets You Control What Vehicles Can Charge

Image: @Model3Owners on Twitter

Firmware version 1.4.4 for Gen 3 Tesla Wall Connectors, which was recently rolled out to units over-the-air, now brings users the ability to restrict access to their home charging solutions. In other words, you can now control which vehicles can use your home charger.


If you have a Wall Connector that’s already running on version 1.4.4, connect to your Wall Connector’s Wi-Fi Access Point (instructions for which can be found on the official Tesla website), make your way to the admin panel by navigating to on an internet browser of your choice, and click/tap on Access Controls in the list of available configuration options.

You’ll be presented with a dropdown menu with two options — All Vehicles, and Only Tesla. Selecting Only Tesla will make it so your Wall Connector only charges Tesla vehicles.

While the feature is currently only capable of limiting Wall Connector access to Tesla-made vehicles, it could be expanded in the future to limit access by VIN (which, according to many on Twitter, is a much-needed improvement). Say good-bye to your neighbour trying to steal juice from your charger, right?