Tesla Wall Connector Parts Now Available in the Online Shop



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Tesla recently added parts for its Wall Connector to the online shop, now offering the following (prices in USD):

The Gen 3 Wall Connector Fastener Kit includes the following replacement parts:

  • 1x hex bit (4 mm)
  • 1x zip tie
  • 4x wall connector-to-wirebox fasteners
  • 2x wirebox-to-wall fasteners

The glass faceplate is an identical cover from Tesla, if your Gen 3 faceplate is cracked or damaged in some way. Included are glass cover fasteners.

Replace your wirebox or keep this service kit on hand when moving Gen 3 Wall Connector to a new location. Stay charged at home with a replacement wirebox only available from Tesla.

The wirebox kit includes the wirebox itself, plus pre-installed external plugs, a hex bit, zip tie, connector-to-wirebox fasteners and wall fasteners as well.

Tesla’s latest Wall Connector is $500 USD and “offers the best home charging experience for any Tesla owner,” as the unit has Wi-Fi, allowing for automatic updates and remote service should you require it.

[via Reddit]

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