Tesla FSD Beta Completes Another No Intervention Drive: L.A. to Silicon Valley [VIDEO]

In a recent report from Omar Qazi of Whole Mars Catalog, we saw Tesla’s Full Self-Driving complete a no-intervention drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Now, the driver assistance system has proven it’s worth doubly so, with another no-intervention drive.

On Tuesday, Whole Mars Catalog released a blog and video about Omar’s Tesla Model 3 driving back to Silicon Valley from Los Angeles, and the car again completes the trip with zero interventions.

In recent statements, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said he is “extremely confident” that Full Self-Driving will see a full release in 2021. Mirroring the sentiment, Omar goes on to say that he believes Tesla will release a taxi service in 2021, at least in certain startup locations.

This claim goes a long way, especially coming from someone who just drove from the Bay Area to LA and back without using the steering wheel or gas pedals at all. The gravity of someone’s ability to do that is tough to grasp, and yet, we’ll begin seeing more and more of these kinds of trips in the years to come – and soon enough they’ll be available to the average consumer.

You can watch the full trip from LA to Silicon Valley from inside Omar’s Model 3 below: