Tesla Model Y Impresses in AWD Slip Test [VIDEO]



Image: The Fast Lane Car on YouTube

In a recently published YouTube video, The Fast Lane Car puts the Tesla Model Y through an extensive ‘TFL slip test’ — a stress test designed to gauge the effectiveness of All-Wheel Drive (AWD) systems under extreme conditions.

The ‘TFL slip test’ emulates the real-world conditions of rough terrain (snow, sand, mud, what have you) where one or more of your tires might get stuck. A series of challenges traps different wheels in rollers, rendering them essentially useless, to see if the other wheel(s) can power through and free the vehicle.

The slip test was performed on the Model Y Performance AWD, which produces the highest acceleration and torque of all the variants.

The Model Y was put through a total of five tests in the normal Drive mode: one with both front wheels trapped in rollers, one with both rear wheels trapped, one with one front wheel and one rear wheel trapped, one with both front wheels and one rear wheel trapped, and a final one with both rear wheels and one front wheel trapped.

Overall, the Model Y was able to complete all the tests flawlessly for the most part, although TFL says ground clearance on the SUV could be higher for snowy or muddy terrain.

You can also see an earlier test of the Tesla Model Y AWD system from August, shared by Canada’s Car Question:

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