Tesla Model Y Long Range Reviewed by Car and Driver

Car and Driver remains a longstanding trusted source in the world of automobile reviews. With a wealth of knowledge on a wide range of cars, consumers place their faith in the publication for comprehensive perspectives on the latest automobiles. In a new review, Car and Driver takes a deep dive into the Tesla Model Y.

The review starts with a discussion on the Model 3. As stated previously, Car and Driver had positive thoughts on the Model 3. As a result, the publication requires a bit more from the Model Y in order to meet the standard set by the Model 3.

Car and Driver mentions larger interior dimensions and expansive storage immediately set the Model Y apart from previous Teslas (aside from the Model X of course). However, they do not favor the dimensions for a few reasons. “Even though the Y and 3 share powertrains and batteries, the less refined driving character of the former is instantly discernible by anyone who has driven the latter. There is more body roll, and a keen tush detects a bit of flex in the unibody when the chassis is stressed in corners or by pockmarked roads.”

The review also mentions many of the production problems other drivers have pointed out. The panel fit and finish tops the list here. The back seat problem mentioned in the review was recently addressed by Tesla. All in all, Car and Driver acknowledges the car’s strengths. However, the company concludes saying “There’s nothing dreadfully wrong with the Model Y. But we can’t help but feel that Tesla punted on this one. The company known for daring played it safe, and the result doesn’t score big with us.”