Drivers and Media Highlight Problems with Tesla Model Y Upon Delivery



2020 has been a rocky road for Tesla so far. But the electric vehicle maker is not without its victories, either. With its release of the Tesla Model Y, the company turned heads and the vehicle received warm reviews from beginners and electric vehicle enthusiasts alike. However, with some new production problems coming to light, more drivers are reporting some issues with their vehicles upon delivery.

Perhaps one of the most prominent production issues lies in the back seat of the Model Y. Several drivers have reported receiving new vehicles with rear seats that fail to meet the proper alignment. Sure, there are stories of people getting the issue resolved with some service appointments. However, the problem does not cast the best light on Tesla’s newest vehicle. The company has announced a production fix for the seat alignment issue moving forward.

As a new piece in Forbes reports, even some initially favorable reviews of the vehicle shared some problematic news. In Kelley Blue Book’s mostly positive review, for example, they stated, “As for quality issues. Our car’s b-pillar trim doesn’t fit right and neither does this lower bumper trim, the rear door alignment is slightly off, the rear seats are similarly uneven, and there’s a loud rattle coming from the rear somewhere.”

Of course, many drivers have not experienced any problems with their vehicles. A leaked email at Tesla circulated showing some concerns about production needs at Tesla’s main factory. In light of these issues, sentiment remains largely positive for the Tesla Model Y.


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