Model Y Performance AWD vs Long Range AWD Acceleration Test [VIDEO]

image via The Kilowatts on YouTube

The Tesla Model Y comes in a few different varieties. Although both versions of Tesla’s latest electric vehicle offer similar functions, there are some slight differences between the two. We’ve already seen some unique performance tests of the Model Y since its March release. But few have examined the performance differences between the Performance and Long Range AWD. A new YouTube video from The Kilowatts pits the Model Y Performance and the Long Range AWD against one another to see which model emerges as the victor.

The video begins with a mission to examine the acceleration, handling, and range differences between the two models. As stated, the Performance model comes with larger brakes and wheels, a lower suspension, and a rear spoiler. At the current time, the upgrade package costs drivers an extra $8,000 USD.

After taking some sharp S curves, the Performance model, as expected, delivers greater control in handling. The vehicle’s lower suspension aids in performing tight maneuvers. Not surprisingly, the Performance model also takes the cake when it comes to the video’s acceleration test. While the Long Range AWD boasts an impressive 0 – 60 mph time, the Performance model is even better. The Long Range AWD completes the test in 5.07 seconds. The Performance model reaches 60 mph in just 3.80 seconds.