Tesla Gigafactory Texas Construction Update: Day 141 [VIDEO]

Tesla has a lot going on around the world, with construction operations in both Germany and the US, along with a new, surprise expansion out at Gigafactory Shanghai.

In the US, Tesla’s Gigafactory Texas is making room for the 2021 release and delivery of its Cybertruck, a highly-anticipated electric vehicle (EV) that will be built at the factory.

In the newest update from YouTube channel Jeff Roberts, we see another 4K drone flyover of Tesla’s Gigafactory Texas construction site on day 141 of construction. One would think that not much has changed since the last update on day 138, but that would only be half true – the footings mentioned in the last update are beginning to come to fruition, with concrete beginning to separate the gaps.

Additionally, the steel beam structure in the video, the site’s first building to-be, is still receiving ongoing construction work and is inching closer to becoming an actual building.

We can also see a lot of new activity going on in between the first building and the interstate, where it looks like construction workers may be preparing the land for the next big project.

At any rate, Tesla’s Gigafactory Texas will mark a huge win for the company’s production ability to keep up with demand. Even with other US Gigafactories in both Fremont, California and Sparks, Nevada, the company still has a super high demand, and needs to up its production capacity to stay with it.