Tesla Giga Shanghai Begins Expanding to the East [VIDEO]

Even as Tesla has factories under construction in the US and Germany, it’s continuing work on its Tesla Shanghai factory which was technically finished earlier this year.

On Thursday, a new video was released on YouTube channel 特斯拉上海超級工廠, depicting the Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory, which has begun expanding its operations eastward. While it’s not clear what exactly the expansion is for, it has begun and will likely be revealed soon.

According to the video’s description, Tesla is renting some of the land to the east, largely watermelon crops which are tended by local watermelon farmers, according to a sign seen by the video’s creator. Additionally, a local melon farmer told the video’s creator that Tesla planned to stop using the land for crops, and to build a new factory building in its place

Whatever the outcome of the space may be, the expansion will likely help increase production for Tesla, in order to help meet demand.

Tesla also has plans to build an entirely separate factory, with the intention of building a number of Superchargers. While the expansion at Giga Shanghai may somehow be related, a previous interview with Tesla executives signaled that the Supercharger factory may not even end up in Shanghai.

In any case, it should be exciting to see what the new land will become, and it won’t likely be long.