Tesla Gigafactory Berlin Construction Update for Dec. 1 [VIDEO]

Progress on Tesla’s upcoming Gigafactories is coming quickly, and especially for the company’s Giga Berlin location, currently being built in Brandenburg, Germany, just outside of Berlin.

In a new video uploaded Tuesday by YouTube channel Teslair, drone footage is shown breaking down new updates of Tesla’s Giga Berlin construction site, with a particular focus on the site’s west side. The video is also shown just before the company is set to begin phase two of deforestation on the land in order to accommodate pipeline needs.

YouTube video

The video shows a number of new updates to the construction site, as well as offering the best view of the factory’s first multi-level concrete structure, likely to become the factory at large.

Yesterday, Teslair shared a video of inside Giga Berlin, the clearest video we’ve seen of the site.

Tesla’s Giga Berlin is expected to be completed and delivering vehicles to customers across Europe by 2021. For now, European customers are receiving imported units from Tesla’s Giga Shanghai until the Berlin factory is finished.

As Tesla continues to make progress on its factories in Germany and the USA, along with the completion of its new Chengdu, China service and delivery centers and a number of new showrooms and Superchargers worldwide, it will also continue to dominate the electric vehicle (EV) market, at least until other companies can get some zero-emissions cars on the road.