Cybertruck Reservation Holders Asked to Lease Other Teslas to ‘Bridge the Gap’

Tesla is on a roll this year, and in the last month of 2020, it’s still pushing to reach its goals by the end of the year.

Cybertruck reservation holders were able to reserve their copies of Tesla’s new truck with just a $100 USD deposit last year. Now, the company is enduring an end-of-the-year delivery push, in which it’s trying to convince Cybertruck reservation holders to lease other Tesla vehicles until the truck’s release, as reported by electrek.

If successful, the campaign will bolster company deliveries, as it shoots for a previously-stated goal of 500,000 annual production in a single year.

Reservation holders received emails about the leasing offer from Tesla, showing a delay in Cybertruck production, which was currently set for delivery upon the completion of Tesla’s Gigafactory Texas, in May 2021.

The email obtained by Electrek is below:

I saw you have a Cybertruck reservation with us, so I wanted to give a courtesy update and provide myself as a resource.

The single motor configuration is currently scheduled to begin production in late 2022 with delivery projected to take place in early 2023.

The dual and tri-motor configurations are currently scheduled to begin production in late 2021 with delivery projected to take place in early 2022.

In the meantime, a lot of Cybertruck reservation holders have been doing 24-36 month leases on our current vehicles to bridge the gap and experience Tesla ownership!

We are currently offering a $1,500 California Clean Fuel Reward eligible for California residents registering their car in-state on top of other California state incentives that you could apply before the end of the year.

If you are interested in securing pricing on our current S3XY models, please respond ‘Yes’ and I will be happy to give you a call.

While the move is certainly an interesting one from Tesla, it’ll be interesting to see how many Cybertruck reservation holders will lease a Tesla in the meantime. It definitely is a targeted marketing move, and with recent minor updates to Model Y and Model 3, it’ll be hard to say no (especially in California with the new $1,500 Clean Fuel rebate).