Tesla Model Y Gets Auto-Dimming Side Mirrors, USB in Glovebox, Metal Scroll Wheels

Tesla model y 2021

Image credit: Chad Smavatkul

It looks like Tesla has yet another surprise for new Model Y owners, as a recent delivery of the new SUV in Fremont, California, now includes some goodies found in the recent Model 3 refresh.

According to Chad Smavatkul, he shared to the Tesla Model Y Facebook group his new Model Y with VIN 72,5XX now comes with the following upgrades:

  • Steering wheel: metal scroll wheels
  • USB in the glovebox: located in upper left; included 64GB Tesla USB stick for Sentry Mode storage
  • Auto-dimming side mirrors

Tesla model y steering wheel

Image credit: Chad Smavatkul

You can see the USB port in the glove box below:

Model y usb glove box

Image credit: Chad Smavatkul

The Tesla-branded USB stick included with purchase is 64GB in size:

Tesla model y usb

Image credit: Chad Smavatkul

The outline on the side mirrors is a sign they are auto-dimming. It’s unclear if Tesla will offer this as a retrofit for existing Model Y owners.

Tesla model y auto dimming mirrors

Image credit: Chad Smavatkul

Chad’s red Model Y also includes double-laminated front glass as we previously saw debut last month.

For those wondering about his Model Y center console—it’s still the old version, and not the new refresh in the Model 3.

“Picked up my Y just now from the factory. Surprised to see new steering wheel, auto dimming side mirrors, and USB in glove compartment. VIN 72xxx,” said Chad on Wednesday evening.

Numerous members of the Tesla Model Y Facebook group quickly chimed in to note they were jealous of Chad’s upgraded Model Y. One member with VIN 75,XXX said they just missed out on these extra goodies (and the recent $1,500 California Clean Fuel Reward instant rebate).

One of the major features borrowed from the Model Y to Model 3 was the new heat pump. Now, we’re seeing a Model Y with upgrades from the recent Model 3, including the USB port in the glovebox and also the meta scroll knobs in the steering wheel. One can only suspect the new Model 3 console may make its way into the Model Y at some point as well.

Did your new Model Y come with these new upgrades?