Full Self-Driving Beta to Expand in About 2 Weeks Says Elon Musk

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has reaffirmed the expansion of its current Full Self-Driving beta program, noting on Friday evening, “Probably going to a wider beta in ~2 weeks.”

Musk previously confirmed the FSD beta program would “hopefully” expand to Canada in December.

Currently, FSD beta testers are using the fifth version of the latter, which has seen some impressive updates, according to videos shared by early testers.

FSD beta 5 has been described as “human-like” in its ability to navigate through unprotected left turns and busy parking lots.

It’s unclear how FSD beta 5 will handle Canadian winters, snow and other adverse weather, compared to the relatively sunny skies of California.

Nevertheless, as more Tesla owners get access to FSD beta 5, the company’s Autopilot Neural Network will only continue to get smarter and stronger, allowing Tesla to again hold onto its lead against traditional automakers and other EV competitors.