FSD Beta 5 Tested Further: Traffic Lights, Intersections and More [VIDEO]

Image: Chuck Cook on YouTube

In a recently published video on YouTube, user Chuck Cook again puts Full Self-Driving Beta 5 (version 2020.44.15.3) on his Model Y through a comprehensive set of scenarios that range from stop signs and traffic lights to busy intersections and heavy traffic.

YouTube video

Full-Self Driving (FSD), currently in limited public beta, is Tesla’s proprietary driver assistance technology, and the EV giant just released an updated version with a bunch of improvements yesterday.

Version 2020.44.15.3 of FSD beta boasts significant improvements to the way your Tesla comprehends and handles intersections, among others. Chuck Cook certainly found that to be the case, showcasing several enhancements over previous versions of FSD.

Chuck’s Model Y did impressively well making a left turn at a busy intersection with a truck in the opposing turn lane across the intersection blocking its sight of oncoming traffic. In addition, 4-way intersections with 2-way stop signs proved to be a breeze for the Tesla.

FSD beta has now become even better at detecting traffic/obstacles and processing that information, and seems to be learning and building on itself with every update,

One issue Chuck noticed, and Tesla will have to work on fixing, however, is FSD beta occasionally engaging the turn signal even when it is going down a straight path with no turns upcoming. Expect this to be addressed in the next update.