Another FSD Beta 5 Demo: Improvements at Intersections and More [VIDEO]

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Canadian James Locke has been sharing numerous videos of Tesla’s Full Self-Driving beta and his latest puts today’s FSD beta 5 to the test, again in Santa Clarita, California. The video is a test drive to Saugus High School and back.

Tesla released 2020.44.15.3 today for FSD beta testers, known as ‘FSD beta 5’ Elon Musk was teasing this week, which would have significant improvements.

YouTube video

In the video above, Locke shares his first drive with FSD beta 5. He noticed improvement in four areas, detailing “improved turns through intersections, much more confident,” while also saying “approaching a light with limited visibility handles the approach better with less deceleration.”

Locke also noticed his Tesla Model 3 running FSD beta 5 “approaches intersections more naturally, doesn’t creep up to it,” and also it now “moves into lanes quicker before the anticipated next turn for navigation to destination.”

“Had one noticeable intervention but nothing serious, didn’t want to get into the right turn lane and also had to encourage it to accelerate from a stop at a couple lights as wanted to accelerate way to slowly. I have no doubt that will improve with future updates,” concluded Locke.

FSD beta 5 doesn’t appear to be part of a wider release quite yet, as the test version still is only available to a limited number of ‘safe’ drivers, picked by Tesla.