2021 Tesla Model S Performance Gets Updated EPA Range and Efficiency Ratings

In September, Tesla fans went crazy over CEO Elon Musk’s announcement of the release of the Model S Plaid, and with good reason. We also saw the ‘regular’ Model S Performance get updated with increased range via a software update.

Now, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has updated its ratings for the 2021 Model S Performance, and the numbers are right on with those put forth by Tesla in October, as reported by Inside EVs.

The new numbers show a range of 387 miles, 11.2% better than its previous rating, and they also show a 110 MPGe energy consumption, also an improvement from before.

The estimates do vary a bit depending on wheel size – those listed above are with 19-inch rims, though the EPA also tested a Model S with 21-inch wheels, which makes a major difference to range. With the larger rims, the Model S range was rated at just 334 miles per charge.

The Tesla Model S Long Range is rated for up to 402 miles, though it did not see an increase in EPA-rated range like the other, standard models did.

As the world continues to transition to EVs, we’re likely to continue seeing improved ranges throughout the next several years. In any case, there’s a lot coming to be excited about over the course of the next decade, and EV range is just one small facet of news to come.