Tesla Model S Performance Range Increase to 387 Miles

Gradual line refreshers are a common occurrence for Tesla, and after recent price drops on most of its models, the electric vehicle (EV) company has released upgraded features for most of its models too.

In an exciting and welcome change, Tesla has increased the range on its Model S Performance standard range from 348 to 387 miles. The Long Range version of the vehicle did not increase its range, and is instead still sitting at 402 miles.

Among the recent changes, the Model S also received substantial price drops – the Long Range edition dropping from $75,000 (USD) to $69,420 (USD), while the Performance model dropped from $95,000 (USD) to $92,000 (USD).

In addition to the changes made to the Model S, the Models 3 and Y both also received a few upgrades: the Model 3 Standard Range, Long Range, and Performance models received range improvements of 13, 31, and 16 miles, respectively. Speculation is the Model 3 now has a heat pump to add for extra efficiency and range.

Both the Model Y Dual Motor and the Performance models also received range increases of 9 and 12 miles, respectively. Model X also saw a range increase to 371 miles.

While the range and price changes bode well for anyone looking to buy into sustainable transportation right now, they arrive on the cusp of a lot of exciting developments for Tesla. The company is currently building new locations in the US and Germany, planning a move into India, working on a lithium plant in the US, and preparing for its US launch of the Cybertruck in 2021 – and its momentum is far from slowing down.