Tesla Model S Price Drop Now Official, Starting at $69,420 USD

Model s 69420

As promised, Tesla has price dropped the Model S again, down to $69,420 in the United States, as promised earlier today by CEO Elon Musk.

After dropping prices by $3,000 USD this Monday, we now see another drop just days later. The move appears to be a competitive reaction to Lucid Motors revealing its new base model Lucid Air today, at $69,990 USD after federal incentives. .

Now, the Model S has just dipped slightly below this Lucid Air base price, to now start at $69,420, down from $71,990 USD. Don’t you just love competition?

There does not appear to be an extra price drop in Canada for the Model S, as of writing, so it appears this special price may be only available in the United States.