Del Amo Fashion Center in Torrance Getting 20 Tesla Superchargers



Image: Brendon Fung on Facebook

Twitter user @mymodl3 shared an image of a new Supercharger station being built in Torrance, CA’s Del Amo Fashion Center in a recent tweet. The image in question was originally shared to Facebook by user Brendon Fung.

The station is currently under development at 3490 Fashion Way, Torrance, CA, located in a parking lot directly east of the Del Amo Fashion Center’s Nordstrom outlet.

According to the shared image and the location’s Tesla Motor Club thread, it will house a total of 20 V3 Superchargers, with each stall capable of delivering up to 250 kW per car. With the station located in the vicinity of an enormous mall, there is also no shortage of amenities in its surroundings.

Work on the project began back in late July when it first showed up on Supercharge. The recent image of the site shows the groundwork already laid and the charging points already installed, so it shouldn’t be long before the station is open for business — especially considering how Tesla has been ramping up Supercharger development in recent weeks.

Tesla has already announced big plans for Superchargers in California, and a new station in Torrance, CA, will certainly serve to further this agenda.

Just yesterday, a new 56-stall Supercharger opened in Firebaugh, again adding more charging relief for Tesla owners that need to deal with busy charging stations.


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