Turo Expects 50% of New Car Listings in Canada to be Zero-Emission by 2025

Canadian interest in zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) has soared in the past few years, and trips taken in Turo’s car-shared ZEVs have too.

According to an email from Turo to Tesla North, the number of trips taken in ZEVs on Turo’s car-sharing service has increased by an average of 131% per year between 2016 and 2020. The company also says it expects 50% of new car listings on the site to be ZEVs by 2025, signaling a continued shift towards sustainable transportation in Canada.

Turo now also has over 200 Teslas available to book on the car-sharing platform, the most of any platform of its kind in Canada.

In a press release, Cedric Mathieu, Turo’s VP and Head of Turo Canada, said, “ZEVs will play a critical role in Canada’s future, fighting against climate change and driving economic growth.”

Mathieu continued, “As the largest peer-to-peer car sharing marketplace in Canada, we have a responsibility to help increase access to these vehicles. With more electric cars on Turo, we can not only break down knowledge barriers that Canadians have about ZEVs, but also reduce the need for car ownership to create a greener and more sustainable automotive ecosystem.”

As EVs become more and more of a reality to Canadians, car-sharing services like Turo, and Canadian Tesla Taxi services, will continue to help set an important precedent – sustainable practices in daily life are here to stay, to the benefit of the Earth.