Tesla Customers in Australia Face Delays, Receive Thousands in Refunds Instead



On Thursday, The Driven reported that Tesla Model 3 customers in Australia will be refunded the difference of Tesla’s recent Model 3 base price drop, in return for delays caused by industrial chaos at the Port of Botany.

Tesla recently dropped the price of its baseline Model 3 from $73,900 to $66,900, though without luxury car taxes which were removed in an October foreign exchange announcement, many customers could be refunded up to $12,000.

Sources also told The Driven that customers received confirmation from Tesla that they would be receiving the refund.

One source said Tesla wrote in a note via text message, “Yes, we will refund the difference of the vehicle cost.”

Delays at the Port of Botany have been occurring throughout the past few months, due to scheduling conflicts, limited cargo ships, and work bans recently imposed by the Maritime Union of Australia, which were recently lifted in October. Still, the port is having trouble keeping up with current demand and is facing many scheduling delays and changes.

Along with the major refunds, Model 3 customers in Australia will also receive the recently-refreshed version of the car, made in China (MIC) at the Shanghai Gigafactory in just the last few months. These models include updated headlights, chrome delete, a heat pump, and a number of other exciting features.

As Tesla makes up for some of the difficulty in delivery to Australian customers the past few months, most will likely enjoy the extra money in their pocket and the new features which will, eventually, come with their MIC Model 3s.


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