Tesla to Export 7,000 Model 3s from Shanghai to Europe



While United States electric vehicle (EV) maker Tesla announced recently it would be exporting Model 3s from its Shanghai factory to Europe, it was not previously clear when the exports would begin.

Now, Tesla China has now officially announced that it will be exporting about 7,000 Model 3s from Shanghai to Europe starting on Tuesday, as reported by Tesmanian (save 10% off Tesla floor mats and more with code TESLANORTH10).

The shipments of Model 3 exports are set to arrive in Belgium, and are ultimately to be sold in a number of countries throughout Europe – these include France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, and others, still.

The exports should only be for the time being, as Tesla works to complete its Berlin Gigafactory construction, which is set to be delivering cars by summer 2021. At that point, the company will likely build Model 3s, and other models, to be distributed across Europe.

Alongside allowing a cheaper, non-exported Model 3 upon Giga Berlin’s completion, the finished factory will also free Shanghai up to meet the high demands of EVs in China.

In a prior statement regarding Shanghai’s distribution of the Model 3, Tesla told the press, “Support from the Chinese government towards the industry, innovative local companies and customers embracing new technologies make China the best market for smart electric vehicles.”


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