Tesla Giga Berlin Construction Continued as Normal, Despite Fake News [VIDEO]

More progress is made on Tesla’s Giga Berlin construction site every week, and watching it all unfold has been exciting for enthusiasts of the electric vehicle (EV) brand.

In a new video, YouTube host Tobias Lindh shares drone footage depicting progress from Thursday on Tesla’s upcoming Gigafactory in Berlin, Germany.

The update includes new columns in the casting area, outer wall panels on the south side of the drive unit building, substantial paint shop progress, and a number of new storage containers with supplies.

The German Gigafactory plans to use both the 4680 cells with an updated structural battery pack, according to CEO Elon Musk.

Tesla’s site also faced some local backlash last month, especially regarding the company’s water usage and noise levels in the area.

Earlier reports of Tesla not paying its water bill circulated rumors that construction would be stopped on the Berlin site temporarily, though Musk has apparently settled up with local utility officials without putting any real dent in progress.

Despite the potential slowdown and the criticisms of the locals, Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin is set for completion next summer, with deliveries beginning in May 2021. Similarly, Tesla will also have its US Terafactory Texas completed by next summer, giving EV enthusiasts a lot of excitement to look forward to.