Tesla Email Confirms Model 3 Heat Pump, Details All Changes [LIST]



According to an apparent email written by a Tesla store to a customer, a full list of detailed changes in Model 3 can be seen below, including the confirmation of a heat pump, which explains the extra added range beyond a software update.

Here’s what’s new according to the Tesla store email shared by on Reddit, which shares some upgrades we haven’t heard about before (sill plates, seat controls in graphite) and also confirms a USB port in the glove box.

2021 Model 3 Interior Upgrades:

  • Sill plates are now satin black to match the exterior trim
  • Seat controls have a graphite finish and scroll wheels on the steering wheel are metalized
  • Sun visors magnetically snap into place
  • Matte black replaces glass black through the interior, including the door release and window buttons
  • Redesigned center console featuring fixed inductive charging mats for two smartphones wrapped in luxurious micro suede
  • Updated front compartment with sliding lid similar to Model S and X
  • 2 high-powered USB-C ports in the front compartment
  • Added fifth USB port to Model 3, located in the glove compartment
  • Model Y heat pump added to Model 3

2021 Model 3 Exterior Upgrades:

  • Side repeaters, door handles and bright work surrounding the windows have gone from chrome to satin black
  • New 18-inch Aero and 19-inch Sport Wheels have sharper edges
  • Model 3 Performance now sits on 20-inch Uberturbine wheel
  • Power lift gate

If you chat with Tesla on its website, the company will also confirm Model 3 has a heat pump.

Update: According to Tesla Raj, EMEA headlights are also part of the refresh. We should see pics on the internet soon.

Other upgrades launched by Tesla also increased range for Model Y (available now with 2020.40.7), Model S and Model X.


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