Australia Tesla Model 3 Now Starting at $68,425 with 490km Range



It’s been an exciting week for Tesla fans around the world, with incremental upgrades, price drops, and range increases all across the board.

According to Car Advice, Australia’s Tesla Model 3 is also getting a major price drop, now priced starting at $68,425. The drop represents a $7,000 discount, and the same model includes an increased range of 490 km per charge, up 30 km from before.

In addition to the Standard Range plus model’s improvements, the Long Range is now $83,425, having dropped $6,000 total, while the performance model is set at $92,425, down $5,000 from before. The Performance model did not include a range increase, while the Long Range increased from 620km per charge to an impressive 657km per charge.

New exterior and interior changes included the removal of the chrome trim on the windows, a new center console design, and new options for wheels and tires.

On the nature of the EV company’s incremental changes, CEO Elon Musk explained, “We don’t do model years. We just roll in improvements as they come.”

With all the price drops and incremental upgrades happening, Tesla is certainly setting itself up for a stellar 2021 – some experts have even stated they expect the company to sell 800,000 cars. It’s certainly not out of the question, and if it helps propel humanity into the future of sustainable transportation more quickly, then let’s see it.


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