First Tesla Megapacks Installed at PG&E Moss Landing Station [PICS]

Tesla Megapacks and Powerpacks are starting to pop up around the world, and, as a result, energy storage in these areas will soon be getting a major facelift.

According to Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E), California’s electricity supplier, the first of many Tesla Megapacks was installed at its Moss Landing Station on Monday.

The Megapack is expected to be fully operational by Q2 2021, and the storage system includes 182.5MW of battery storage. The system will also be one of the biggest lithium-ion battery energy storage systems in the world, according to PG&E.

With California’s recent ban on the sale of new gas cars by 2035, some experts predict the state will need to drastically overhaul its power grid to accommodate the high volume of new electric vehicles (EVs) to come.

In spite of demand for the Tesla energy storage solution, supply has had a tough time keeping up. New consumers are hoping to install Megapacks and Powerpacks throughout the US, Canada, and the UK, and demand is still growing yet.

Despite the barriers to supplying Megapacks and Powerpacks around the world, Tesla’s recent announcements at Battery Day likely mean that the cost and supply of producing these energy banks will come down significantly. And, whether they do or not, customers will likely continue ordering the Tesla hardware, given the impending move to EVs and more sustainable energy practices in general.