Tesla Powerpack Gets Big Price Drop Ahead of Battery Day

Battery Day is here, and Tesla has already started making some changes.

On Tuesday, before the beginning of Tesla’s Battery Day event, Tesla significantly dropped the price of its Powerpack system. While the sale price previously started at $172,000 (USD) before incentives, it is now down to $125,000 (USD), as reported by electrek.

Not only is Tesla selling its Powerpacks at a cheaper price, but the company has also been installing its energy storage technology at Electrify America charging stations around the US.

As Battery Day has been approaching, analysts have remarked that Tesla’s announcements may allow the company to sell its energy storage technology and batteries to other electric vehicle manufacturers. This change would certainly increase the company’s value and market reach.

While it still isn’t certain what will be unveiled today, it’s likely related to the dropped cost of Tesla’s Powerpack.

The cost of a Tesla commercial inverter was included before the price change, and it still is. After incentives, then, one can now expect to get the Powerpack for roughly $91,835 – and it just may be the time to invest, with exciting energy storage announcements expected at Battery Day later today.

Tesla North will have full coverage today’s annual shareholder meeting and Battery Day, stay tuned!