Tesla Builds Powerpacks at 60 Electrify America Charging Stations

Electric transportation isn’t much without a charging network and sufficient battery power. Fortunately, companies are working hard and working together to improve the infrastructure of electric vehicle (EV) charging, and the improvements are not far from changing the world.

As reported by electrek, Tesla has just installed Powerpack battery systems at about 60 Electrify America charging stations, and many more are expected by the latter half of next year.

Electrify America, a VW-owned EV charging network, teamed up with Tesla last year, signing a deal that meant Tesla would build Powerpacks at over 100 Electrify America charging stations.

Despite reports of Electrify America painting over the Tesla sign on Powerpacks at its charging locations, the Tesla Powerpack is not hard to recognize with or without its logo. Still, the move is a bit surprising given that the agreement is completely public knowledge at this point.

Electrify America also just announced a major switch from timed charging prices to Kilowatt-Hour pricing, a huge request of EV fans over the past few years. The company also launched a rather odd petition, asking companies to create a custom EV Charger emoji.

The addition of Tesla’s Powerpack to Electrify America’s charging network should help accelerate the world’s plunge into sustainable transportation, and that’s something to be thankful for.