Electrify America Launches Petition to Create an EV Charger Emoji

It’s a great day for electric vehicle lovers! In celebration of #WorldEmojiDay, Electrify America has started a petition to add a custom EV charger emoji.

Electrify America is one of the leading EV charging networks in the United States, providing EV education and products. Currently, their petition has nearly 500 signatures. They state that this emoji design could potentially bring more awareness to electric vehicles as a whole:

Electrify America has created a new design for an EV Charger that accurately represents the EV industry and the future of transportation to submit to the Unicode Consortium.

On Twitter, Electrify America also released a simulation of what the emoji would look like in a text messaging app. The petition was also sent out via its Canadian account.

The company also released a simulation of what the EV emoji would look like on Twitter. Normally, people would use petrol can and lightning bolt emojis to talk about electric charging. This EV emoji would make things much simpler, and users wouldn’t have to use a combination of other emojis to get the message across.