No Larger Battery Pack for Tesla Model 3 or Y in Development Says Elon Musk

Yesterday, a leak online claimed to show a Tesla Model 3 with a 100 kWh battery pack, a sizeable increase compared to the 75 kWh pack currently available in Long Range and Performance versions.

The leak made the Tesla community excited at the prospects of a Model 3 with potential range of over 400 miles. But now it appears Tesla CEO Elon Musk is pouring cold water on this rumour.

Musk replied to a @Teslarati tweet on the story this morning to say, “No larger pack Model 3 is in development,” adding a follow up to say “Or Y.”

Now, take these tweets from Musk as what you wish on the surface. Maybe Tesla has already completed such a larger pack for Model 3 or Y, and it may be true there is nothing currently in development?

But yesterday, Tesla officially announced an EPA-rated 402-mile range upgrade for its Tesla Model S Long Range Plus, making the latter the first electric vehicle in the world with a 400-mile plus range. We hope to see this happen one day for the rest of the Tesla fleet, and with ‘battery day’ rumoured soon, we might get a glimpse of what the company has in store.