Tesla’s Planning to Take Advantage of Factory Shutdowns Due to COVID-19

Tesla will be closing its Fremont, California factory starting at the end of the day on March 23rd, 2020. As a response to the Bay Area shelter in place order, Tesla has been deemed a non-essential business. While the factory closing may slow down certain aspects of business for Tesla, they’re planning to make use of the time.

Even though the company will send the majority of employees home to curb the spread of coronavirus, they will still have a small number of workers present in the Fremont factory. These workers give Tesla the chance to improve some aspects of its production facility. As Model Y demand is high, there are rumours that Tesla may implement some of the design features they used to accelerate production of the Model 3.

Such features include the “tent” structure that was used to increase Model 3 production rates and capacity. The company also plans to prepare the factory for enhanced production once they do reopen. These kinds of proactive steps ensure the company is ready to capitalize when the time comes.

Meanwhile, in China, the Shanghai Gigafactory remains open after a brief stint of closure in light of the coronavirus spread. The Model Y is receiving warm reviews from customers. Tesla plans to continue production in Fremont as soon as possible.