Uber Expands Hertz Tesla Rentals for Drivers to Canada

According to Uber, drivers in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver can now rent Tesla vehicles on a weekly basis. The first Tesla fleet will become available this summer, part of Hertz’s plan to get 50,000 Tesla cars for Uber to rent by 2023. “As we continue towards Uber’s zero-emissions goal, our partnership with Hertz reflects the […]

Tesla Apple CarPlay Hack Gets Update With Full Integration ‘For Any Tesla’

Polish developer Michał Gapiński (@mikegapinski)’s hacky workaround for bringing Apple CarPlay to a Tesla, dubbed the ‘Tesla Android Project,’ has announced a new update with improvements and support for more Tesla cars. The update, version 2022.25.1, offers “100% functional CarPlay integration for any Tesla.” According to Gapiński, version 2022.25.1 also comes with an abundance of […]

Sweden’s Top-Selling Battery EV in May Was the Volkswagen ID.4

May’s electric vehicle (EV) sales in Sweden saw fully-electrics taking nearly half of the automotive market share, with Tesla’s sales dropping a few notches on the list after a 22-day production halt for its Shanghai factory. Sweden’s battery-electric vehicle (BEV) market share reached 24.2 percent in May, with total plugin electric vehicles reaching an impressive […]

Tesla CCS Adapter: What You Need to Know [VIDEO]

YouTuber Alex Sibila recently posted a hands-on video with Tesla’s CCS Combo 1 adapter in the U.S., offering a good explanation of what it’s all about. Recent social media discussion online has been all about people sharing pictures of their new CCS adapter. The adapter allows you to charge your Tesla at third-party DC fast […]

Tesla Apple CarPlay Hack Teases Second Alpha Build [VIDEO]

Polish developer Michał Gapiński (@mikegapinski) has released a preview for the second alpha of “Tesla Android,” his custom solution for running Apple CarPlay on a Tesla through Google’s Android OS, he explains to Tesla North. Tesla owners have been requesting CarPlay support for years now, albeit to no avail. Gapiński decided to take matters into […]

Tesla Hiring for New ‘Hardcore Litigation Department’ Says Elon Musk

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said in a tweet Friday afternoon that the company plans on creating “a hardcore litigation department.” Musk invited applications to join the planned unit, which he said will directly initiate and execute lawsuits for the company. The litigation team will report directly to him, the CEO added. Tesla is building a […]

IKEA to Launch Solar Roof Offering in California, Competing with Tesla Energy

IKEA announced on Thursday it will be partnering with SunPower to make solar energy solutions “easier to access”. The solar product announcement means members of the IKEA Family customer loyalty program will be able to purchase SunPower’s home solar solutions, to then generate and store renewable energy at home. The partnership between IKEA and SunPower […]

Tesla Apple CarPlay Workaround Now Available for Download

Back in January, Polish developer Michał Gapiński showed off his Apple CarPlay hack to run the latter software on his Tesla. The workaround was made possible by using a custom build of Android 12, running on a Raspberry Pi. Later in February, Gapiński shared a video with Tesla North showing off the alpha build of his Android 12 […]

Tesla Now Supports 110,000 Direct Jobs and 500,000 Indirect Jobs

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has shared the latest stats on how many direct and indirect jobs the electric automaker supports. Musk said on Tuesday morning, “Tesla is now over [110,000] direct jobs and roughly [500,000] indirect, factoring in suppliers.” Tesla is now over 110k direct jobs and roughly 500k indirect, factoring in suppliers — Elon […]