Tesla Supports Cybertruck Snow Tracks Mod, Owner Impressed


Dave Sparks, a prominent figure in the automotive modification community, took to Instagram on Wednesday, February 21, to give fans a sneak peek of his latest project, the “CyberTrax.”

Despite his initial plan to wait for a full YouTube video release, Sparks’s excitement led him to share an early glimpse. “I was trying to hold off on posting any videos of the CyberTrax until we had the full YouTube video ready to go, but I’m impatient and really just wanna share it with you right now, so here ya go….enjoy 😎,” Sparks posted.

The project, which involves modifying a Tesla Cybertruck with snow tracks, has garnered support from Tesla itself. Sparks expressed his gratitude towards the electric vehicle manufacturer for their assistance.

“Huge thanks to the folks at @teslamotors for being so cool and supportive of this project. They have helped us with many tech questions and other random stuff that has really boosted my overall opinion of the company,” he shared. Sparks highlighted Tesla’s appreciation for innovative projects, adding, “Bottom line: they appreciate cool stuff just like we do and they earned my support and respect 💯.”

In a follow-up post, Sparks detailed the progress and challenges faced during the testing of the CyberTrax in snowy conditions. The team encountered a setback when an upper control arm folded during a previous test, prompting them to develop a new suspension system.

Check out the teaser video below–the Cybertrax mod looks insane!

“Another successful day of testing our #Cybertrax in the snow…we built a new @fox coilover front suspension system that performed flawlessly today,” Sparks noted. To enhance durability, a full bolt-on unibody gusset support structure was also added.

However, the day was not without its failures. Sparks reported, “Today’s failure was the rear steer tie rod bolt, sheared it clean in half.” The modification’s strain on the Cybertruck’s rear steer mechanism led to the decision to disable and bypass this feature for increased strength and reliability.

The modified Cybertruck also features aftermarket Baja Designs lights, further enhancing its rugged appeal. Sparks, known for his innovative truck and car modifications, continues to push the boundaries of automotive design with the CyberTrax project, drawing attention and support from both fans and industry giants like Tesla.