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Randy Pobst’s Winning Tesla Model S Plaid Run at Pikes Peak [VIDEO]

Last weekend, the Tesla Model S Plaid won its first-ever Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in the exhibition class, despite less than favorable road conditions and a scary Tesla Model 3 accident in our memories from last year. On Sunday, Tesla Model S Plaid driver Randy Pobst shared more video footage of last weekend’s Pikes […]

Tesla Model S Plaid Wins Pikes Peak Hill Climb Exhibition Class [VIDEO]

The Unplugged Performance team, along with its Tesla Model S Plaid driven by famed race car driver Randy Pobst have made history, as they have won the 2021 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, in the exhibition class, winning by 17 seconds. “6:57.2 for the win at @PPIHC @Tesla. Plaid Alien Technology has been weaponized by UP! Thanks to the […]

Randy Pobst Recalls Pikes Peak Tesla Model 3 Crash in Detail

We’ve reported our fair share of Tesla accidents, but those happening to a race car driver are far and few between. However, a recent story has surfaced by one of the most consistent Tesla racers we know, and it’s details are telling. On Wednesday, Tesla driver Randy Pobst wrote about his experience crashing in a […]

Tesla Model 3 Wins 2020 Pikes Peak Hill Climb Exhibition Class

Tesla’s Model 3 can now claim victory at the famed Pikes Peak Hill Climb. Blake Fuller drove a 2018 Tesla Model 3 to first place in the Exhibition Class, with a time of 3:13:569. But in second place was another Tesla Model 3, the 2020 Unplugged Performance driven by Randy Pobst. What makes this second […]