Tesla Model S Plaid Wins Pikes Peak Hill Climb Exhibition Class [VIDEO]

Unplugged performance model s plaid

The Unplugged Performance team, along with its Tesla Model S Plaid driven by famed race car driver Randy Pobst have made history, as they have won the 2021 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, in the exhibition class, winning by 17 seconds.

“6:57.2 for the win at @PPIHC @Tesla. Plaid Alien Technology has been weaponized by UP! Thanks to the Tesla community for your support! Thanks to our hero @RandyPobst and thanks to our sponsors @bilsteinUS @YokohamaTC @BrailleBattery. The ICE age is over,” announced the Unplugged Performance team on Sunday morning, after the win.

The race saw a shortened version as there was still snow at the top of the mountain. “To clarify for those following, the snow at the top of this mountain today required that the course was shortened. Our time is likely in the equivalent range of 9:20 over a full course. We will analyze the data later,” said Unplugged Performance.

Overall, the Model S Plaid finished 10th overall in all classes and was faster than 8 of the 9 Unlimited vehicles and 8 of the 11 Time Attack vehicles, while also being faster than 4 of the 6 Open Wheel and 12 of 15 from the Pikes Peak Open.

Check out the final run below:

YouTube video

YouTube video

Pobst also raced with the Unplugged Performance team last year at Pikes Peak, but crashed the Tesla Model 3 that was repaired in time, but still did not result in the goals the team wanted to accomplish. Looks like Model S Plaid has now allowed Pobst and the Unplugged Performance team seek redemption.