Tesla Explains in Detail How Ontario Public EV Charging Should Expand

Tesla sent a 10-page letter to the Ontario, Canada government in November sharing new strategies for expanding the province’s public electric vehicle (EV) charging network, according to the automaker’s latest lobbyist registry filing, reports Electric Autonomy. “Ensure the efficient and consistent integration of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure with the transmission and distribution systems across […]

Tesla Lobbying for Factory in Ontario, Canada: Report

Tesla may be lobbying the Canadian government to make Ontario the home of its next Gigafactory, according to recently filed lobbyist registry documents — reports Electric Autonomy Canada. The electric vehicle (EV) maker is seeking to convince Canada to adopt policy reforms that would make Ontario more hospitable to an “advanced manufacturing facility,” which is […]

Hydro One to Let Electric Vehicles Backup Residential Power in Ontario

Earlier this month, Hydro One and Peak Power announced the launch of an innovative new pilot program in Ontario designed to gauge the viability of electric vehicles (EVs) as backup batteries for residential power during power outages. Leveraging two-way Vehicle-to-Home (V2H) charging technology, the pilot will evaluate the advantages of using electric vehicles (EVs) as […]

First Look: Sudbury’s Tesla Model 3 Fleet For Paramedics

Back in April, the Canadian City of Sudbury in Ontario, Canada, announced it was set to purchase a Tesla Model 3 fleet for its paramedic services, and four months later, we have updated images to share of this new electric vehicle line up. The Model 3 vehicles purchased include four cars for use as non-emergency […]

Toronto’s First Tesla V3 Supercharger is Up and Running

Toronto’s first Tesla V3 Supercharger installation has finally gone live, according to user CanadaGoose on the TMC Forums. The facility features 12 Superchargers capable of a peak power output of 250 kW per car, and is located at the Hotel X, 111 Princes’ Boulevard, Toronto, ON.  Plans for the site were uncovered back in January, with construction […]

Various First Nations in Ontario to Get SpaceX Starlink Internet

After Northern Ontario deemed the Starlink program its “best option” last year, a pilot project has been launched to bring high-speed internet connectivity to five First Nations near Kenora and Sioux Narrows in Northwestern Ontario. During phase one of the pilot project, the Anishinaabeg of Kabapikotawangag Resource Council (AKRC) will install two Starlink receivers in […]

City of Brampton Launches Battery Electric Passenger Buses

Brampton, Ontario celebrates the launch of new electric buses on Tuesday, which will run on Routes 23 Sandalwood as well as 26 Mount Pleasant, according to Insauga. The city is hosting a virtual event on its Facebook for the unveiling of the four zero-emission buses. The buses are completely battery-powered and each bus is expected […]

Peel Police in Ontario, Canada Consider Electric Cruisers from Tesla

Peel Police in Ontario, Canada, have announced they are considering electric police cruisers. Numerous police forces around the globe have switched to or are considering Tesla police cars. However, the police department says don’t expect to see an electric police car anytime soon, as “further trials and tests must still be conducted to ensure that […]

New Tesla Showroom in Kitchener, Ontario Now Open [Update]

With new Tesla showrooms, service centers, factories, and Superchargers going up around the world, Tesla customers are getting increased chances at having their Tesla’s purchased, serviced, or charged, nearer their home, and the shift couldn’t come soon enough. A new picture has surfaced of a new, in-progress Tesla showroom being built in Kitchener, Ontario, according […]