New Tesla Showroom in Kitchener, Ontario Now Open [Update]

New Tesla showroom in Kitchener, Ontario. Photo: @TheTeslaLife on Twitter

With new Tesla showrooms, service centers, factories, and Superchargers going up around the world, Tesla customers are getting increased chances at having their Tesla’s purchased, serviced, or charged, nearer their home, and the shift couldn’t come soon enough.

A new picture has surfaced of a new, in-progress Tesla showroom being built in Kitchener, Ontario, according to a post on Twitter. The post, which was shared by Twitter user @TheTeslaLife, depicts a Tesla Model 3, a Model Y, and another, partially-built model of some sort. While the cars will likely be all complete by the time the showroom is finished, it’s still pretty cool seeing a picture of a showroom with an in-progress car body in the middle of the room.

The new Ontario showroom will also include a service center, and comes to the town of Kitchener not long after a number of new Superchargers also arrived to the Ontario location.

It isn’t currently clear when the new Kitchener showroom will be completed, but from the looks of it it’s not far off – at the very least, Tesla may want to finish building that car, first, but we’ll leave that to them.

Update November 11: Looks like the Tesla showroom in Kitchener is now open, according to @TheTeslaLife: