Peel Police in Ontario, Canada Consider Electric Cruisers from Tesla



Tesla police peel ontario

Peel Police in Ontario, Canada, have announced they are considering electric police cruisers. Numerous police forces around the globe have switched to or are considering Tesla police cars.

However, the police department says don’t expect to see an electric police car anytime soon, as “further trials and tests must still be conducted to ensure that an all-electric fleet is sustainable for police work and more importantly, that the vehicle doesn’t run out of juice during an officer’s shift,” explains the department.

According to Mark Figueiredo, Director of Materials Management, he says 65% of engine hours for the average police vehicle are spent idling. Peel Police tested a hybrid, but now they are looking into the possibility of going to fully electric vehicles.

Peel Police shared a picture of its cruisers flanking a Tesla, shared on social media. The image resulted in a frenzy of positive replies, with many encouraging the move.

“This loaned vehicle will help us explore all of those considerations,” said Figueiredo, referring to the Tesla pictured. “Climate change is real, and we have to continuously innovate and adapt to do our part to preserve the planet for future generations,” he added.

The police department emphasized on social media, “Not happening anytime soon though! Just evaluating a loaned vehicle to see if electric vehicles would be practical for police work.”

Peel Police need to watch the video above to see a Model 3 police car from Westport, Connecticut in the U.S., as an example of how to modify a Tesla into a police cruiser.


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