Toronto’s First Tesla V3 Supercharger is Up and Running



Toronto’s first Tesla V3 Supercharger installation has finally gone live, according to user CanadaGoose on the TMC Forums. The facility features 12 Superchargers capable of a peak power output of 250 kW per car, and is located at the Hotel X, 111 Princes’ Boulevard, Toronto, ON

Plans for the site were uncovered back in January, with construction starting last month. The Superchargers are situated within a parking garage, where parking costs $7 CAD/hour with a daily maximum of $30 CAD.

The closest alternative to the Hotel X Superchargers are the ones at the Toronto Eaton Centre, where parking costs $10.50 CAD/hour and the stalls available are all urban Superchargers with a maximum power output of 72 kW per car.

This particular site will also be eligible for the 300 kW V3 Supercharger upgrade Tesla is currently working on, but that is probably a ways away. The Supercharger has already gone live on the official Tesla website, and also pops up in onboard navigation.

The placeholder page on the Tesla website for the Hotel X Supercharger is still up. While it may point to Tesla working on another Supercharger installation in the area, it may just be because Tesla hasn’t reconciled the Supercharger pages since the Hotel X facility became operational.

Tesla also has another Toronto Supercharger planned for Don Mills, slated as “coming soon”, with a target opening for Q4 2021.


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