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Tesla Signs $5 Billion Nickel Deal with Indonesia, Says Minister

Another Tesla deal has been announced for minerals necessary in the automaker’s electric vehicle (EVs) battery packs, this time coming from Indonesia. Tesla has signed a contract for a $5 billion nickel processing deal for multiple products in Indonesia, as detailed by a senior cabinet member from the country, reports Reuters. In an interview with […]

Tesla Researchers Unveil EV Battery That Could Last Up to 100 Years

A new battery makeup from Tesla could significantly improve upon currently available designs, especially in the area of total life cycle. Tesla’s research team has revealed a new battery design for EVs that could last as long as 100 years, according to The Independent. The battery was made by the Tesla Advanced Battery Research division, […]

Global EV Sales Doubled in 2021 to 6.6 Million, Says Energy Agency

As electric vehicles (EVs) continue to increase in popularity, the surging sales are also putting a strain on other areas of the supply chain, where raw materials are being hit by inflationary pricing. Global increases in EV sales have added even more pressure to supply chain issues with raw materials such as lithium, nickel and […]

Indonesian President Meets Elon Musk at SpaceX Launch Site [VIDEO]

Image credit: @jokowi Tesla CEO Elon Musk met with Indonesian President Joko Widodo at SpaceX’s Starbase facility in Boca Chica, Texas, on Saturday to discuss a potential investment in Indonesia, reports Reuters. Widodo was visiting the U.S. to attend a meeting with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), but made a trip out to […]

Indonesian President to Meet Elon Musk on U.S. Visit to Discuss Nickel

Following Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s meeting with Indonesian officials at Gigafactory Texas last month, the country’s president is now planning to meet with Musk, too. Indonesian President Joko Widodo plans to meet with Musk on an upcoming trip to the U.S., according to statements from a minister on Monday (via Reuters). The meeting will take […]

President Biden to Use Executive Order to Boost EV Battery Materials: Report

Just weeks after U.S. Senators requested invoking Cold War powers to boost domestic production amidst mineral supply issues, it seems that Washington will answer. U.S. President Joe Biden may invoke the 1950 Defense Production act to bolster the production of minerals needed for electric vehicle (EV) batteries, according to Automotive News. The act would let […]

Tesla Has Secret Nickel Supply Deal from Vale, Says Report

As Russia invades Ukraine, nickel prices have jumped significantly due to sanctions, resulting in price increases for Tesla’s electric vehicles (EVs) and others that use the mineral for their batteries. Tesla’s many nickel contracts established over the past few years have allowed the company to withstand the market’s current supply shortages, according to a report […]

Nickel Price Surge Could Increase Price of Electric Vehicles

The price of nickel has soared over the last couple of weeks following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Russia, one of the largest global suppliers of the metal, is facing extensive sanctions for its actions. The London Metal Exchange (LME) suspended nickel trading on Tuesday morning after three-month contract prices shot up to over $100,000 per […]

Tesla Signs First U.S. Nickel Supply Deal with Talon Metals

Tesla has inked its first U.S. nickel supply deal, with Talon Metal Corp., reports Reuters. Nickel is seen as a key component in electric vehicle batteries to increase energy storage, and demand is projected to surge in the decades to come as EVs are set to go mainstream. Tesla will get nickel from Talon Metal’s […]

Tesla Signs Nickel Supply Deal with New Caledonia’s Prony Resources

Nickel remains an integral mineral to make certain electric vehicle (EV) batteries, so it comes as no surprise that Tesla is looking to increase its supply as EVs grow in popularity. On Wednesday, New Caledonia mining company Prony Resources announced that Tesla agreed to buy 42,000 tonnes of nickel in a multi-year deal with the […]

Tesla Secures Nickel Supply from Australia’s BHP

Tesla and the world’s largest nickel miner, BHP in Australia, have signed a new deal to supply the electric automaker with nickel for its batteries. According to BHP, it will supply Tesla with nickel from its Nickel West mine in Western Australia, which it says is “one of the most sustainable and lowest carbon emission […]

Canada to Protect Critical Mineral Supply Chains for EVs from Foreign Takeovers

According to Reuters, the Canadian government has moved to sure-up its defenses against takeovers of and foreign investment into companies mining critical minerals and Canada’s critical mineral supply chain as a whole. The move preempts major demand for metals to produce electric vehicles. Earlier this month, Canada named 31 minerals critical to its economy, including aluminum, […]

Tesla to Hold Talks in Indonesia in January to Further Discuss EV Investment

According to Yahoo Finance, deputies from Tesla will soon travel to Indonesia to explore a possible investment in a supply chain for Tesla’s electric cars. Tesla teams to visit Indonesia to check on investment in EV components – government — Reuters (@Reuters) December 12, 2020 This comes after reports emerged earlier this year […]