Mercedes Acquires Stake in Luminar, Taps Lidar Sensors for Future Cars

Lidar startup Luminar announced a new automotive partnership with Mercedes-Benz on Thursday, in which the automaker will also gain a stake in the startup, according to Automotive News. The deal has Luminar producing its “Iris” lidar sensors for Mercedes-Benz’ automated highway driving assistance system, though it’s not clear as of yet when the technology will […]

Tesla Model Y Spotted with Lidar Sensors are From Luminar, Report Says

Multiple Tesla Model Y units with Luminar radar equipment have been spotted, the most recent of which was seen last week on Twitter. According to unnamed people familiar with the matter, Tesla has a contract with Luminar Technologies to test and develop its radar hardware, despite past criticisms from CEO Elon Musk reports Bloomberg. Last […]

Tesla Vice President of Legal Leaves to Join Lidar Startup Luminar

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has famously dismissed the use of lidar laser-sensing technology for self-driving vehicles, but in a major blow to the company, one of its executives has left to join lidar company Luminar. According to CNBC, Tesla’s Vice President of Legal Affairs Al Prescott has left the company to join lidar technology company […]

Luminar Going Public Will Turn its 25-Year-Old CEO into a Billionaire

While Tesla has had some major gains this year and in many years past, other auto company adjacents with serious potential are just beginning to enter the market. Lidar technology company Luminar is going public on Thursday, which is set to make CEO and co-founder Austin Russell one of the world’s youngest billionaires at only […]